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 ChargeTech All-In-One Charging Station

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Item # CRG-CT300004

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All-In-One Charging Station offers a simple solution to provide your guests with a way to charge any and all of their devices. Dual USB power input provides faster phone charging and less slowdown from multiple devices. The security cable uses snap-lock technology to keep your station safe from theft. Cable drop holder keeps wires organized and untangled in any space. Compact size allows convenient use in areas with limited space. Fully customizable design allows you to turn it into an advertising platform that's excellent for trade shows, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more. Charging Station includes three Apple lightning cables (for iPhone 5 and newer devices), four Micro-USB cables (android devices), one Apple 30 pin (for iPhone 4 and older), one Type-C (for newer devices), one USB port (for any charging cable), and one AC outlet in the back to charge anything else a guest might have.