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LEXMARK Ink Jet Printers

4076 ExecJet IIP6350X3370Z845
7200P707 Photo JetPrinterX3450Z1320
7200 VP915X3470Z1410
Color JetPrinter 1000Photo JetPrinter 5770X3480Z1420
Color JetPrinter 1020Pinnacle Pro901X3530Z1480
Color JetPrinter 1070Platinum PRO905X3550Z1520
Color JetPrinter 1100Prestige PRO805X3580Z22
Color JetPrinter 2030Prevail PRO705X3650Z23
Color JetPrinter 2050Printrio Photo P3150X4530Z2300
Color JetPrinter 2055Prospect PRO205X4550Z2320
Color JetPrinter 3000Winwriter 100X4580Z2390
Color JetPrinter 3200Winwriter 150CX4650Z23e
Color JetPrinter 5000X1110X4690Z24
Color JetPrinter 5700X1130 PrintrioX4850Z2420
Color JetPrinter 5770X1140X4875Z2490
Color JetPrinter 7200X1150 PrintrioX4950Z25
Color JetPrinter 7200VX1155X4975Z25L
ExecJet IIX1160X5070Z31
ExecJet IIcX1170X5075Z33
Genesis S815X1180X5250Z34
Genesis S816X1185X5270Z35
Home CopierX1190X5320Z42
i3X1195 AIOX5340Z43
Impact S301X1240X5370Z45
Impact S305X125X5410Z51
Institution S505X1250X5450Z515
Interact S605X1270X5470Z517
Interact S606X2230X5495Z52
Interpret S405X2250X5650Z53
Medley 4cX2300 SeriesX5690Z54
Medley 4sxX2310X6570Z600
Medley 4xX2330X6575Z601
OfficeEdge Pro4000X2350 AIOX6650Z603
OfficeEdge Pro4000cX2450X6675Z605
OfficeEdge Pro5500X2470X7170Z611
OfficeEdge Pro5500tX2480X7300 SeriesZ615
Optra Color 40X2500X7350Z617
Optra Color 40 nX2530X74 PrintrioZ645
Optra Color 45X2550X75 PrintrioZ703
Optra Color 45 nX2580X7550Z705
P3120X2600 AIOX7675Z715
P315 SnapshotX2650X8350Z730
P6250X3350Z13Z82 SPC
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LEXMARK Laser Printers

4069 Optra TE232MX711 DEW840 dn
925 deE232 tMX711 DHEW840 n
B2338 dwE234MX711 DTHEW850 dn
B2442 dwE234 nMX717 deW850 n
B2546 dnE234 tnMX718 deX203 n
B2546 dwE238MX721 adeX204 n
B2650 dnE240MX721 adheX264 dn
B2650 dwE240 nMX722 adeX264 dnw
B2865 dwE240 tMX722 adheX363 dn
C2325 dwE250 dMX810 DEX364 dn
C2425 dwE250 dnMX810 DFEX364 dw
C2535 dwE260MX810 DMEX422
C4150E260 dMX810 DPEX463 de
C500 nE260 dnMX810 DTEX464 de
C520 nE260 dtMX810 DTFEX466 de
C522 nE260 dtnMX810 DTMEX466 dte
C524 dnE321MX810 DTPEX466 dwe
C524 dtnE323MX810 DXEX500 n
C524 nE323 nMX810 DXFEX502 n
C530 dnE323 tMX810 DXMEX520
C532 dnE330MX810 DXPEX522
C532 nE332 nMX811 DEX543 dn
C534 dnE332 tnMX811 DFEX544 dn
C534 dtnE340MX811 DMEX544 dtn
C534 nE342 nMX811 DPEX544 dw
C540 dwE350 dMX811 DTEX544n
C540 nE352 dnMX811 DTFEX546 dtn
C543 dnE360 dMX811 DTMEX548 de
C544 dnE360 dnMX811 DTPEX548 dte
C544 dtnE360 dtnMX811 DXEX560 dn
C544 dwE450 dnMX811 DXFEX560 n
C544 nE460 dMX811 DXMEX630
C546 dtnE460 dnMX811 DXPEX632
C6160E460 dtnMX812 DEX632 e
C734E460 dwMX812 DFEX632 s
C734 DNE462 dtnMX812 DMEX634 dte
C734 DTNEducation StationMX812 DTEX634 e
C734 DWES460 dnMX812 DTFEX644 e MFP
C734 NLegal PartnerMX812 DTMEX644 ef MFP
C736 DNM5155MX812 DXEX646 dte MFP
C736 DTNM5163MX812 DXFEX646 e MFP
C736 NM5170MX812 DXMEX651 de MFP
C746 DNM5255MX822 adeX652 de MFP
C746 DTNM5265MX822 adxeX654 de MFP
C746 NMB2338 adwMX826 adeX656 de MFP
C748 DEMB2442 adweMX826 adxeX656 dte MFP
C748 DTEMB2546 adeMX910 DEX658 de MFP
C748 EMB2546 adweMX910 dxeX658 dfe MFP
C780 dnMB2650 adeMX911 deX658 dme MFP
C780 dtnMB2650 adweMX911 DTEX658 dte MFP
C780 nMC2325 adwMX912 deX658 dtfe MFP
C782 dnMC2425 adwMX912 DXEX658 dtme MFP
C782 dtnMC2535 adweOptra NX734 DE
C782 nMC2640 adweOptra N 240X736 DE
C792 deMS310 DOptra N 245X738 DE
C792 dheMS310 DNOptra T610X738 DTE
C792 dteMS312 DNOptra T610 nX746 DE
C792 eMS312 DNwOptra T612X748 DE
C925 dteMS315 DNOptra T612 nX748 DTE
C935 dnMS317 dnOptra T612 sX780
C935 dtnMS321 DNOptra T614X782 e
C935 hdnMS410 DOptra T614 nX792 DE
C950 deMS410 DNOptra T614 nlX792 DTE
Clinical AssistantMS415 DNOptra T616X792 DTFE
CS310 dnMS417 dnOptra T616 nX792 DTME
CS310 nMS421 DNOptraImage 614 sX792 DTPE
CS317 dnMS421 DWOptraImage T610sxX792 DTSE
CS410 dnMS510 DNOptraImage T614 dxX860 de 3
CS410 dtnMS517 dnT420 dX860 de 4
CS410 nMS521 DNT420 dnX860 dhe 3
CS417 dnMS610 DET430X860 dhe 4
CS421 dnMS610 DNT430 dX862 dte 3
CS510 deMS610 DTET430 dnX862 dte 4
CS510 dteMS610 DTNT520X864
CS517 deMS617 dnT520 dX864 dhe 3
CS521 dnMS621 DNT520 dnX864 dhe 4
CS622 deMS622 DET520 nX925 de
CS720 deMS710 DNT522X940 e
CS720 dteMS710 NT522 dnX945 e
CS725 deMS711 DNT522 nX950 de
CS725 dteMS725 dvnT620X952 de
CS727 deMS810 DET620 dnX952 dte
CS728 deMS810 DNT620 inX954 de
CS736 dnMS810 DTNT620 nX954 dhe
CS748 deMS810 NT622XC2132
CS796 deMS811 DNT622 dnXC4150
CS820 deMS811 DTNT622 inXC6152
CS820 dteMS811 NT622 nXC8155
CS820 dtfeMS812 DET630XC8160
CS921 deMS812 DNT630 dnXC9235
CS923 deMS812 DTNT630 nXC9245
CX310 dnMS817 dnT632XC9255
CX310 nMS817 nT632 dtnXC9265
CX317 dnMS818T632 DtnfXC940 e
CX410 deMS818 dnT632 nXC945 e
CX410 dteMS821 dnT632 tnXM5163
CX410 eMS821 nT634XM5170
CX417 deMS822 deT634 dtnXM5365
CX421 adeMS823 dnT634 DtnfXM7155
CX510 deMS823 nT634 nXM7155x
CX510 dheMS825 dnT634 tnXM7163
CX510 dtheMS826 deT640XM7163x
CX517 deMS911 DET640 dnXM7170
CX522 adeMX310 DNT640 dtnXM7170x
CX622 adeMX317 dnT640 nXM7263
CX622 deMX321 ADWT640 tnXM7270
CX625 adeMX321 ANDT642XM7355
CX625 adheMX410 DET642 dnXM7365
CX725 deMX417 deT642 dtnXM7370
CX725 dheMX421 ADET642 nXM9145
CX725 dtheMX510 DET642 tnXM9155
CX727 deMX510 dteT644XM9165
CX820 deMX511 DET644 dnXS463
CX820 dtfeMX511 DHET644 dtnXS463 de
CX825 deMX511 DTET644 nXS464
CX825 dteMX517 deT644 tnXS466
CX825 dtfeMX521 ADET650 DNXS734 de
CX860 deMX521 DET650 DTNXS736
CX860 dteMX522 ADHET650 NXS736 de
CX860 dtfeMX610 DET652 DNXS736 dtte
CX920 deMX611 DET652 DTNXS738
CX921 deMX611 DFET652 NXS748 de
CX922 deMX611 DHET654 DNXS795 dte
CX923 dteMX611 DTET654 DTNXS796 de
CX923 dxeMX617 deT654 NXS796 dte
CX924 dteMX622 ADET656 dneXS798 dte
CX924 dxeMX622 ADHETS654 dnXS925 de
E120 nMX710 DETS656 dneXS955 dhe
E230MX710 DHEW840
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